S’mae ffrindiau,

Gobeithio gaethoch chi benwythnos hwyl a heulog. Eisiau ymarfer tipyn bach o Gymraeg heddiw? Wrth gwrs!

Mae Dai’n teimlo’n dost heddiw. Dych chi’n gallu ymarfer defnyddio ‘Rhaid iddo fe…’ a helpu Dai gwella?
Dai’s feeling bad today. Can you practise using ‘Rhaid iddo fe…’ and help Dai get better?  

Download the sheet to have a try.

Beth sy'n bod ar Dai?


Mae treiglad meddal ar al ‘rhaid iddo fe…’ e.e. rhaid iddo fe fynd i’r gwely. Rhaid iddo fe gysgu.
There’s a soft mutation after ‘rhaid iddo fe…’ 

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NB: Posts about our friends Marged and Dai are designed to help you practise things in the third person, that is, talking about him or her. We spend a lot of time talking about ourselves and asking questions to another person, but speaking about others sometimes gets left out. Search for Dai and Marged in the search bar, or click on the tags when you see them for more resources. You can of course find them in the resources section too.

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S'mae pawb! Elin dw i a dw i'n gweithio fel tiwtor Cymraeg ar-lein a gyda Cylch Dysgwyr Cymraeg. Wnes i greu Tyfu Cymraeg i helpu dysgwyr a thiwtoriaid. Croeso!

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