Shwmae, Dysgwyr!


Gobeithio bod chi’n mwynhau dysgu Cymraeg. I hope you’re enjoying learning Welsh.
Beth dych chi wedi wneud dros y Sul?
What have you done over the weekend? 

It’s great to see a few of you sharing your Cymraeg in the forums. If you’ve not done so yet, sign up and get chatting.

There’s more information now on the Derby Welsh Learners’ Circle section of the site and I’ve added downloads of the last few years’ copies Llais Y Derwent, the papur bro for learners and Welsh speakers living in Lloegr. Diolch i Jonathan am ei waith caled ar hyn.

Cofiwch, the learners’ circle are meeting on Saturday 4th April for a virtual gweithdy. Get in touch via the Contact page if you’d like to join in.

Hwyl am y tro!

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S'mae pawb! Elin dw i a dw i'n gweithio fel tiwtor Cymraeg ar-lein a gyda Cylch Dysgwyr Cymraeg. Wnes i greu Tyfu Cymraeg i helpu dysgwyr a thiwtoriaid. Croeso!

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