S’mae ffrindiau!

Beth o’t ti’n hoffi wneud pan o’t ti’n blentyn? What did you like to do when you were a child?
Pan o’n i’n blentyn, ro’n i’n hoffi darllen! When I was a child I liked to read!

Do you need help practicing talking about things you used to do? The ro’n i’n pattern can be tricky to get right so I’ve created some flashcards and activity sheets to help you as well as a video lesson!

Learn the vocabulary to talk about the activities and hobbies you used to enjoy as a child or teen, and practice putting them in questions and sentences.

In this free printable pack you will find:

  • Hobbies flashcards with Welsh/English/Images
  • Hobbies track game to play by yourself, in class or with a friend
  • Three different worksheets to practice translating sentences and remembering vocabulary.

Download your free pack here!

Leave a comment below to let me know how you get on with the video and resources!

Hwyl am y tro!

Woman in pale top and dark trousers with long blond hair. She is smiling and saying 'Mae hi'n siarad fel melin bupur'. Title 11 Welsh idioms to colour your conversation.
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S'mae pawb! Elin dw i a dw i'n gweithio fel tiwtor Cymraeg ar-lein a gyda Cylch Dysgwyr Cymraeg. Wnes i greu Tyfu Cymraeg i helpu dysgwyr a thiwtoriaid. Croeso!

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