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Do you know how to say what you would do in a particular situation? Learn how to use baswn i…. in Welsh by trying out these phrases. 

Beth faset ti’n wneud gyda miliwn o bunnoedd? What would you do with a million pounds?
Faset ti’n rhoi arian i Children In Need?  Would you give money to Children In Need?
Faset ti’n mynd ar wyliau i Awstralia?Would you go on holiday to Australia?
Faset ti’n prynu cwch hwylio?     Would you buy a yacht?
Faset ti’n symud i Aberystwyth?Would you move to Aberystwyth?
Baswn   I would
Na faswn, byth!    I wouldn’t, ever!

Watch this easy video lesson to learn how to pronounce these phrases!

Gyda miliwn o bunnoedd…. With a million pounds…               
Baswn i’n rhoi arian i BarnadosI would give money to Barnados 
Baswn i’n mynd ar wyliau i AmericaI would go on holiday to America
Baswn i’n prynu car newydd I would buy a new car
Baswn i’n symud i Aberhonddu  I would move to Brecon

We can also extend this sentence at the beginning by using the phrase taset ti’n… If you were to….

Taset ti’n ennill miliwn o bunnoedd, beth faset ti’n wneud? If you were to win a million pounds, what would you do?
Taset ti’n symud i Aberystwyth, faset ti’n byw ar lan y môr? If you were to move to Aberystwyth, would you live by the sea?

Fersiwn y deFerswin y GogleddSaesneg
Baswn iMi faswn iI would
Baset tiMi faset tiYou would (sing. informal)
Basai eMi fasai oHe would
Basai hiMi fasai hiShe would
Basai SionedMi fasai SionedSioned would
Basai GarethMi fasai GarethGareth would
Basai’r plantMi fasai’r plantThe children would
Basen niMi fasen niWe would
Basech chiMi fasech chiYou would (pl. formal)
Basen nhwMi fasen nhwThey would
Yr amodol The conditional

Practice these patterns with a downloadable worksheet here:

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