Learn these 12 brilliant phrases to make your Welsh sound as natural as a native speaker’s.

When we’re dysgu Cymraeg we spend a lot of time learning geirfa and patrymau to help us get the foundation of the language. But what can we do to make ourselves sound a bit more like a first language Welsh speaker, someone for whom Welsh is their mamiaith?

Check out this list of 12 brilliant words and phrases for Welsh learners which you can use to season your language and make it sound as though you’ve lived there all your life!

A bod yn hollol onest…To be completely honest…A bod yn hollol onest, dw i ddim yn hoffi hufen iâ o gwbl!
To be completely honest, I don’t like ice-cream at all!
Ar y llaw arall…On the other hand…Ar y llaw arall, dw i’n dwli ar y cacennau cri bod nhw’n gwerthu yn y caffi!
On the other hand, I’m mad for the Welsh cakes they sell in the cafe!
‘Sdim ots.It doesn’t matterMaen nhw wedi gwerthu allan. ‘Sdim ots. Gwna i gacennau cri fy hun.
They’ve sold out. It doesn’t matter. I will make my own Welsh cakes.
Fel mae’n digwyddActually…Fel mae’n digwydd, dw i wedi siarad â hi’n barod.
Actually, I’ve spoken to her already.
Rhwng pawb a phopethWhat with everything…Paciais i’r bagiau ond rhwng pawb a phopeth, anghofiais i’r brechdanau.
I packed the bags but what with everything, I forgot the sandwiches.
Yn anffodus…Unfortunately…Yn anffodus, anghofiais i’r siocled hefyd.
Unfortunately, I forgot the chocolate as well.
Dw i’n meddwl…I thinkMae Sioned am ddod i’r traeth gyda ni heddiw, dw i’n meddwl.
Sioned wants to come to the beach with us today, I think.
Heb sôn am…Not to mention…Roedd Sioned yn gweithio’n galed yn y siop, heb sôn am y dafarn.
Sioned was working hard in the shop, not to mention the pub.
‘StiYou know…Mae Aled yn gweithio yn yr un dafarn â Sioned, ‘sti?
Aled works in the same pub as Sioned, you know?
Gyda llawBy the way…Gyda llaw, dydy Sioned ddim yn hoffi siocled.
By the way, Sioned doesn’t like chocolate.
Dim gobaith caneriNo chance…Aberystwyth i ennill y cwpan? Dim gobaith caneri!
Aberystwyth to win the cup? No chance!
Beth bynnag…Anyway…Beth bynnag, paid ag anghofio’r tocynnau.
Anyway, don’t forget the tickets.

Why not share your own phrases and sentences in the comments?

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