Helo ffrindiau!

Well, perhaps some of you have a lot of amser at the moment because there were dros pum cant over five hundred of you visiting the website yesterday to have a go at some of the quizzes and download resources!

Time feels a little strange at the moment, so to help us keep an eye on it, I’ve created a new downloadable reference for you here Telling the Time Patterns - Beginners

When you’ve had a look at that, why not try the Telling the Time Quiz. Remember to let us know how you’re getting on via social media. Use the hashtag #DysguCymraeg so other learners can find you and tag us @TCymraeg on Twitter or @tyfucymraeg on Instagram.

If you’ve not joined the site as a member yet (rhad ac am ddim – free!) please do! Over the coming weeks you’ll have access to more resources and special topic courses. As a member you can already access the forum and speak to others about anything that’s causing you difficulty, or even better, share your success.

If you’re enjoying the content here at Tyfu Cymraeg, I’d be very grateful for a coffee because it takes a lot of time to create it all! Diolch 😀

Hwyl am y tro!

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S'mae pawb! Elin dw i a dw i'n gweithio fel tiwtor Cymraeg ar-lein a gyda Cylch Dysgwyr Cymraeg. Wnes i greu Tyfu Cymraeg i helpu dysgwyr a thiwtoriaid. Croeso!

One Thought on “Amser”

  • Mae’n bosib hefyd i ddweud yr amser mewn ffurf 24 awr…1600h (un deg chwech awr), 2000h (ugain awr), 2140h (dauddeg-un awr pedwar deg munud), efallai y mae’n swnio’n hirwyntog (long-winded) ac anodd, ond gofio mae hi’r un peth yn union yn Ffrangeg, Almaeneg a sawl iaith Ewropeaidd hefyd!

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