S’mae ffrindiau!

Wyt ti’n hoffi darllen? Wyt ti’n hoffi darllen yn Gymraeg? Wyt ti’n hoffi gwrando ar straeon?
Do you like reading? Do you like reading in Welsh? Do you like listening to stories?

Why not take a look at all the activities and resources available at Amdani: Gŵyl Ddarllen Dysgu Cymraeg, the first Welsh Learners’ Reading Festival! There’s more information on the Eisteddfod website too. Find out all about it on the Learn Welsh website and take a look at their fab YouTube videos where you can listen to authors like Mared Lewis reading their stories yn Gymraeg.

Click here to buy books from the Amdani series, written specially for adult Welsh learners. *



Hwyl am y tro 🙂


* I don’t get commission on these books – just sending you to a lovely shop in Aberaeron 🙂

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S'mae pawb! Elin dw i a dw i'n gweithio fel tiwtor Cymraeg ar-lein a gyda Cylch Dysgwyr Cymraeg. Wnes i greu Tyfu Cymraeg i helpu dysgwyr a thiwtoriaid. Croeso!

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