Download these free PDF resources to help you practice your Welsh. You can use these by yourself, or if you’re a tiwtor, with a class or group. If you find these resources useful, please consider buying me a coffee so I can create more!

Beginners and Getting Started
Rhifau Numbers Modern and Traditional 1-20 - Beginners
Pronunciation Guide - Beginners
Telling the Time Patterns - Beginners
Likes and Dislikes - Activities
Help Sheets
Atebion Help Sheet - Saying Yes & No
Berfau afreolaidd yr amser gorffennol Irregular past tense verbs
Marged & Dai – practising patterns in the third person
Beth wnaeth Marged ddoe?
Beth sy'n bod ar Dai?
Rysáit Cacennau Cri Welsh Cakes Recipe – help with the imperative and reading a recipe yn Gymraeg
Sbarduno sgwrs Topic based conversation starters for use with a friend or group. Can also be used to practise your writing.
Siarad am goginio - Talking about cooking
Siarad am ddydd Sul
Pu'n yw'r gorau? Which is best?
Taflenni gwaith Worksheets to practise your Welsh
Beth wnest ti? Activity tracker.
Beth faset ti'n wneud? What would you do?
Posau – puzzles, wordseaches, crosswords
Chwilair Lliwiau - Colours Wordseach
Posau Nadolig Christmas Puzzles
Gemau – games to help you practise your Cymraeg
Gemau Nadolig Christmas Games
Vocabulary Sheets
Blodau Gwyllt Wild Flowers Vocabulary
Adar Birds Vocabulary
Terms of Endearment - Geiriau Tyner
Geirfa Nadolig Christmas Vocabulary
Gwledydd y byd - Countries of the World
Berfau 1 - bookmark
Berfau 2 - bookmark
Days and Months Bookmark
Lliwiau Colours Bookmark
Gwledydd Countries 1 Bookmark
Geiriau Defnyddiol 1
Y dre - Bookmark
Teulu 1 Bookmark
Halloween Bookmark
Geirfa Nadolig Christmas Vocabulary
Mini Grammar Guides
Treiglad Llaes Aspirate Mutation mini guide
Classroom/Learners Group Material
Holiadur - dod i nabod pobl